Castlemont’s Community Health Equity Academy


About CHEA

Castlemont High School teachers, in partnership with Oakland Unified School District’s Linked Learning office, officially launched Castlemont’s Community Health Equity Academy (CHEA) in 2017. This pathway is rooted in the social determinants of health and integrates public health themes with lived experiences.

CHEA makes education relevant and activates students as agents of change by…

  • Developing their knowledge of self (their strengths, their interests, and their leadership potential).

  • Deepening their understanding of the connections between health/disease population patterns and social systems/institutions.

  • Supporting opportunities for students to practice skills and apply knowledge through active research and work-based learning.



Program Manager

Robert Lee

CAHC Support

CAHC supports CHEA in the following ways:

  • Creating Learning and Skills Application Opportunities, where students learn from working professionals and get to apply skills and concepts in the field.

  • Managing Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meetings that provide leadership development opportunities for CHEA students.

  • Providing core support to CHEA teachers for the CHEA curriculum and overall academy efforts.


CAHC’s work on the CHEA program is supported by the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) with funds provided by the Atlantic Philanthropies foundation. OUSD houses the Linked Learning Office, which oversees academy pathways throughout OUSD.

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